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СКС Nexans      Система LANsense

LANsense is Nexans market leading Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution, including Environmental Monitoring and Access Control (EMAC).

WHY LANsense?

Networks are becoming more complex

HOW does LANsense help?


Система контроля сетевой инфраструктуры LANsense


LANsense is Nexans Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution. It is an internet enabled hardware and software package which can automatically discover and monitor network connectivity in real-time, to ensure network connections are secure and that connectivity documentation is always 100% accurate. LANsense is vendor independent and can be retro-fitted to existing systems.


Nexans work in partnership with iTRACS, the leaders in IIM software, and offer two levels of software:

These software solutions can be configured with different hardware products to deliver specialist solutions for Data Centres, Enterprise, or SME customers with branch networks.

Environmental Monitoring & Access Control

A large data centre has similar consumption as an average town. They generate more heat and often suffer from inadequate cooling. With the escalating cost of energy the need for management information and control becomes evermore critical.

To optimise power consumption and energy use, Nexans intelligent offerings make it possible to meter actual power usage and produce trend data for any single or group of physical systems, enabling:

Система LANsense EMAC

Система LANsense EMAC контроля микроклимата, физического доступа и электроэнергии


Международные Nexans specification


Corporate data centres are well known as significant power users, with a large sized data centre consuming similar amounts of power to an average sized town. As data centres today generate more heat output and often suffer from inadequate cooling, the need to operate efficiently and cost effectively against infrastructure and power constraints is increasing.

Obviously the greater capacity required, the greater impact on ensuring continuity of supply.  Add to this, the escalating cost of energy, and the requirement for management information and control becomes evermore critical.

Nexans provides a range of standard intelligent power management capabilities, for both new and existing builds specified for both power monitoring only, or a combination of power monitoring with individual outlet control.

Defined upper and lower thresholds allow the client to differentiate between warning and critical status, generating various alarms and alerts, with appropriate escalation paths.

Aggregation of configuration information across data centre equipment, for intelligent monitoring and alarm processing, provides ‘real time’ identification of changes, scheduled polling and the ability to capture detailed data to produce highly sophisticated and graphical management information reports, enabling clients to perform trend analysis and risk management for mission critical services.

Status information can be gathered either locally or remotely via secure authenticated IP access (LDAP) monitoring RMS volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency. 

Detailed values and management information across device location, power and cooling, network connectivity, asset application and customer information enable us to present analysis on current and historical trending. This trend analysis can be further utilised to help CIOs make informed decisions on capacity planning, risk analysis, performance benchmarking and policing service level agreements.

To optimise both power consumption and energy use, our intelligent offerings make it possible to meter actual power usage and produce trend data for any single or group of physical systems, enabling: