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СКС Nexans      Кабельные системы LANmark
LANmark is a complete physical infrastructure solution using all media types and a total system approach. It is backed by a comprehensive warranty and a support package including:



Категории 7 и 7А

LANmark-7 is the highest performance standards compliant, copper solution available in the market. This Category 7/Class F solution provides backwards compatible performance beyond 600MHz and features the revolutionary GG45 connector.

Recommended uses:

Категории 6 и 6A

LANmark-6 is considered the best horizontal solution for most enterprise requirements by combining high performance for today, room for growth tomorrow, and high reliability and efficiency. The range of systems include 10Gigabit solutions offering bandwidth up to 500MHz with extensive headroom on channel performance.

Recommended uses:

Категория 5e




Essential - бюджетная кабельная система

Решения на основе оптического волокна

A full spectrum of Nexans LANmark fiber solutions is available for various performance levels and constructions to meet different applications and environmental conditions. LANmark fibre solutions approach offers flexibility and scalability for campus and building backbones, horizontal cabling applications, device termination in data centers and storage area networks.

Nexans fibre solutions are a fully integrated element of our LAN systems and covered within the system warranty.

The range includes: