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Безопасность      Access Guardian

Secure, dynamic mobility in the enterprise network

Your network can play a unique role in protecting the availability and privacy of information. It can prevent security problems by providing identity-based access, by protecting PCs from viruses and malware, and by detecting and controlling intrusions. Is your network part of the identity management solution and does it protect your PCs? For most organizations the answer is still no. Yesterday’s LAN switch does not provide the depth of feature support necessary for an efficient, effective network-based solution.

With the convergence of voice and data onto a single IP network, it’s common to connect both an IP phone and a PC to the same LAN switch port. However, yesterday’s LAN switches do not provide the tools to authenticate multiple clients on a single port. Today’s switches need to be able to authenticate multiple clients on a single LAN switch port to eliminate this barrier.

By deploying auto-sense authentication found in modern LAN switches, an administrator will save costly operations staff time by eliminating the need to partition ports based on the authentication method supported by the device and user that will use the port. Today’s switch can support multiple methods of authentication on a single port without involving an administrator.

Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian eliminates the barriers and reduces the cost of deploying identity-based network access controls and allows your network to help protect PCs from viruses and malware.

Secure access to your network

The Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian is a proactive network security solution that provides intelligent interworking between standards-based devices. Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian provides identity based network access to enable enforcement of device and network security policies, resulting in increased privacy and availability of communications. Access Guardian authenticates network users including employees, contractors and guests, confirms their PC’s conformance to security policies, and then provides access rights based on the user’s role.

With Alcatel-Lucent’s Access Guardian, the network is able to prevent virus and worm attacks, ensure performance, protect IP telephony devices regardless of vendor, and provide network services to all authorized users. All while protecting the privacy and availability of your business’ communication.Alcatel-Lucent’s Access Guardian combines LAN switch and wireless LAN controller authentication and access control features with standards based directory services. The LAN switch or wireless LAN controller provides 802.1x authentication and additional authentication options for devices not supporting 802.1x. This means that all devices on the network can be authenticated, not just the newest PCs. In addition to 802.1x authentication, the LAN/WLAN switches also provide auto-sensing authentication policies, access controls after authentication and the option of policy conformance verification. Access Guardian works with directory servers supporting RADIUS as well as RADIUS implementations from Microsoft, Juniper, Bradford, and others.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch and OmniAccess support for Access Guardian


Alcatel-Lucent LAN switches using the Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) software support the authentication and access control features required by Access Guardian.

OmniSwitch features supporting Access Guardian

Access Guardian uses the OmniSwitch 802.1x feature set to provide flexible authenticatio for 802.1x supplicants and non-supplicants. These features include:

PC Security Policy Conformance

Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian supports multiple methods to confirm the user’s PC conforms to security policies. The combination of multiple methods allows (optionally) confirmation of employee, contractor and guest configurations before they are authorized network access.